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Entrusted Management

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The entrusted construction management business and the entrusted operation management business, also known as agent construction business and agent operation business, are the major businesses of the Group in addition to our toll highway business currently. Leveraging on our expertise and experience accumulated in relevant areas during these years, the Group has realised reasonable revenues and returns from the receipt of management fee and/or bonus according to the calculation method as agreed with the entrusting party through the provision of services relating to construction management and toll highway operation management. The entrusted construction business and entrusted operation business of the Group mainly include Coastal Project, Nanping (Phase II), Guilong Project and Longda Project, etc.

Longda Project: The entrusted management of 89.93% equity interests in Longda Company by the Company, including the daily operation management of Longda Expressway.

Nanping Project: The management of the construction project of Shenzhen Nanping Freeway undertaken by the Company, including Nanping Phase I and Nanping Phase II (comprising section A and section B).

Coastal Project: The entrusted management of Coastal Company undertaken by the Company, including the management of Coastal Expressway (Shenzhen Section) during the construction period and operation period. Among which, the project of main line of Coastal Expressway (Shenzhen Section) and facilities referred to as Coastal Phase I, and the project of the ramp bridge of airport interchange of Coastal Expressway (Shenzhen Section) and facilities referred to as Coastal Phase II.

Longda Municipal Section: The management of the construction project of the municipal facilities of Dalang Section of Longda Expressway undertaken by the Company.

Dezheng Road Project: The management of the construction project of interchange connecting Dezheng Road and Longda Expressway and the east extension of Dezheng Road which located in Shenzhen Longhua New Area undertaken by the Company.

New Toll Station of Meiguan and Facilities Project: The management of construction project of main line toll station of Meiguan Expressway, ramp toll stations on Qinghu Interchange and corresponding facilities Project undertaken by the Company.

Guilong Project: The construction project of phase I of Guilong Road in Longli, Guizhou by BT mode and the primary development project of relevant land undertaken by the Group.

Resettlement Project: The management of the construction project of Wangguan Comprehensive Resettlement Building of Guilong Economic Zone undertaken by the Group in Longli, Guizhou, comprising Resettlement Phase I and Resettlement Phase II.